Newsunda Industries Co.,Ltd. committed to research and development solar panels. We have professional teams providing high quality solar panels with good service team. Thousands of our PV panels are applied to generate clean energy all over the world. We use top-quality solar cells and EVA , TPT, strengthen glass , seal silicon etc. 12 years professional staff team assurance the ISO quality system standard.

Why us :

  1. High quality, We have a strong QC team and Germany solar cells to make surethat we offer high quality solar power .
  1. We offer 15 working days fast delivery so that you can receive your products as soon as possible.
  1. There is a 5 years product warranty on all materials and workmanship.
  1.  Provides 100% EL testing. Also, we offer a 100% non-cancellable warranty.
  1. Customized solar panel size and power are available.

Quality and Safety:

  1. 25 year transferable power output warranty
  2. Rigorous quality control meeting the highest international standards
  3. ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System )
  4. IEC61215, IEC 1730, VDE , conformity to CE

Product Features:

1 . High conversion efficiency based on Taiwan Motech cell advanced technology

  1. High reliability with guaranteed +0/-3 power output tolerance ensuring return on investment
  2. With stands high wind-pressure and snow load , and extreme temperature variations


Recommended Applications :

  1. On grid residential roof-tops
  2. On grid commercial/industrial roff-tops
  3. Solar power stations
  4. Other on grid applications


Tested and proven by international leading institution such as VDE Germany test center .