Solar Telecom Solutions


Telecom is a need which no one can ignore and there cannot be a debate why it should be always active. The earlier days are gone where telecom providers were enjoying healthy business and less competition. Nowadays energy has become a dominant cost in Telecom. At the same time the quality and quantity of energy available in rural and also in urban regions in many states of our country is a big question mark.

In such situations it is only cost effective and stable Solar Energy which can help to improve the situation for efficient connectivity. Newsunda offers proven stand-alone and hybrid solar product solution for BTS ranging from 1 KW to 15KW. Newsunda provides single window solutions from design, supply, installation, commissioning to testing acceptance.

Features: Applications:
Maintenance Free system Micro wave repeater sites
NO – Noise & Air – Pollution BTS Sites
Less RUNNING COST with long life span VSAT
Gateways A
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Download Case Study

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