There are six factors affecting the installation cost for solar panels for home, solar panels quantity, quality of panels and inverter, difficulty of installation, location, your solar company, payment. Read this artile to know the cost to install solar panels for home.


1. How many solar panels do I need?


Obviously, the cost of a solar system will generally increase when you increase the size of system . You have to know your month electricity bill for your solar panel, then we can calculate how many solar panels you need for you home.

The average house of USA consumes electricity at the rate of 1 kW per hour (kWh), and the average electricity price is $0.10 per kwh, there are 730 hours in a month. So an average month bill is $73 usd. You can estimate your month bill according this example.

If you still  don’t know your electricity bill, you can search solar panels calculator in google, many websites provide such service.



2. Who is your Utility Company

How many kilowats power you need for your solar panels producing? Different unility companies has different residential electricity rates, we need it to calculate the monthly bill of electricity. It’s important!

A grid-tied system will reduce much cost for you, but it needs a net metering from your utility company. This special meter can spin backwards when your solar system generate more electricity than your use. It means your annual bill may average out at zero.
In summer, rich sun lights produce  a lot of electricity, it enables you become a electricity producer because you can’t use up so much power. However, it also means you need purchase electricity from the net,

It’s not like off-grid system, off-grid system is used in remote locations where lack electrical service. A grid-tied system benefits the costs a lot.



3. Where are you living?

The averages sunshine in the usa range from around 3 hours to 6 hours per day. In some areas like Arizona, it can reach 7 hours a day. An average capacity of a solar panel is 10 watts/sq, 12% is a typical conversion efficiency. It means every kilowatt power need about 120 sq.ft of solar panels.

If you live in a location with rich sunshine, it’s easier to get enough energy with less solar panels to supply the house power. However, as we all know, the sun isn’t available for 24 hours. Some places just have 3 hours sunshine and different seasons have different daylight time. It obviously need more panels to keep enough power, it will be expensive.

As a result, your location affects the cost much. Luckily, there are some online tools which can help you calculate the sunshine on your location.

Good news is that the cost of solar panel become more affordable. Install solar panels for home will be warmly welcomed by more areas and countries.