What is solar energy? Many people mixed it with luminous energy. Solar is a radiant energy,  it refers the radiation emitted by the sun because of its internal thermo-nuclear (fusion of hydrogen into helium) reactions. it includes light radiant energy and heat radiant energy, however, luminous energy is just the heat energy.


What is solar power?

Solar power is a technology which  harness the usable solar energy. People use specially designed solar panels to absorb the radiation, then transform them to electricity and heat.

Nowadays, It’s a trend to develop green energy, solar energy has attracted much attention because it’s free and without any pollution. One megawatt hour of solar electricity can offset about 0.75 to 1 tonne of CO2. The main application is producing electricity and heat.

The hot water application has get a wide range of consumer awareness. Solar heating has been cost effective for many years for swimming pools, hot water heater. There is no doubt to say,  it has been warm welcomed by home heating, some commercial office building and industrial heating applications.


Solar Power Applications

Solar power plant has benefited billions of people. There is a good example from California Mojave Desert can explain it. In the solar power plant, people use curved mirrors to run pipelines at their foci. The mirror focuses on the pipeline so that the heat absorb from the solar can heat the pipe too. The heat makes the pipe so hot that the oil it contains can heat water and turn it into steam. The steam can move a turbine to create electricity. There are a lot of mirrors above the pipelines in the solar power plants to get heat and then create electricity.

Harnessing solar power is the key. Solar panels is the main tool to harness the solar power,  it can absorb the solar and use its heat or light and convert them to electricity. They are being used widely in the both city and remote locations.



Solar energy is renewable, no matter how much we use, the same amount of energy is always available. However,  the equipment to capture it and put in a useful form is not cheap. Although scientist are trying to increase its efficiency and reduce the cost, it’s still expensive. Besides, solar power couldn’t be harnessed in winter and rainy day, it’s not so convenient.

Although with such disadvantages, people still appreciate the future of solar power and they would like to pay for its applications. I hope you have know what is solar power by reading this article.